August 2016


Live session in a Berlin subway station. First video for new project OneTake Acoustic, the idea of which is to record live original music in unique spaces with great natural acoustics, all in one take.
No added reverb. Just music.

Space: Sbahn Wannsee
Video: Nadav Tourgeman
Sbahn Wannsee is a train station in southwest Berlin that was first opened in 1874. The exit building is a large reflective space with a dome. Busy by day but quiet in the late evening…perfect for recording. Photos from the session can be seen here (
Audio recorded with RME Babyface and Blue Bottle microphone.

Canoe Love 

May 2014

A spontaneous project spawned especially for Berlin Sessions featuring Paul Carleton and myself. Song written, practiced and performed in a day and half. It’s what we do.

See full details from Berlin Sessions here

Motions and Memories


Shot live in a massive earthquake damaged water reservoir. Featuring myself and Shannelee Ray.

Studio version with free download here  (just type in $0 in the buy section)

2 thoughts on “Video

  1. Beautiful music together. Lovely stuff. We listened to you late last night. Wandered by, had to stop, like many others. Expecting you made a few well-earned Euros.
    RECORD….and let us know when we can buy.
    Cheers….and yes, NZ is beautiful!

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