Update 2020

Kia ora,

You’ve probably landed on this site via a search for my name or perhaps you encountered me during my singer-songwriter phase. Here’s what has happened in the past few years.

– My focus for original music is now with Beacon Bloom – ethereal, genre-fluid, vocal driven electronic music. This is a project I’ve been trying to realise for years now, and I’m very satisfied with our successes so far. Check it out on youtube spotify soundcloud

– In 2017 I started a podcast which as of this post has 50 episodes. Topics covered include consciousness, psychology, economics, space travel, psychedelics, meme theory, music, sexuality & buddhism with experts from Harvard, Stanford & Oxford, politicians, musicians, scientists, writers and mavericks. Check it out here or search The Good Timeline on your favourite podcast platform.

– I still do acoustic gigs weddings, events etc. If you’d like to book me you can contact me here

If you’d like to contact me for any other reason get me at thegoodtimeline at gmail dot com

Brand new project: Cosmic Tortoise

Hey all. I recently started a new project, which is my new original music band project and a podcast among other things. This will be the focus of my attention for the foreseeable future, and therefore this page will be rather static. ¬†Check below if you’re curious ūüėČ



New Zealand

It’s been a while since I wrote an update, so here it is:
I’ve been back in NZ Since November and have been gigging, writing and working on the new project, as well as recording some podcasts which will also be coming out with the new project ūüôā
I head into the studio in 2 weeks time, so very soon there will be brand new music and a brand new project.

Here are some snaps from some shows over the past months:

EP !

So finally, here is some new music!

These are some songs made between the Funkhaus, Brian’s place and my little forest studio in the north of Berlin over the past few years.

Big big thanks to Brian Cares, Yotam Weiss, Gilad Gur, Michael De la Fontaine (all performing on “Melt), Maik Antrack, Daniel Tourgeman, Joseph Thompson and Inbal Gordon all very talented people with fantastic projects of their own and all of who played invaluable roles in the EP.

Listen/purchase here. You can also hear it on Soundcloud.

TOUR DATES have also been updated. Here’s the latest.




European Tour 2016 and New Video

I’m very excited to announce the first dates of my 2016 European Tour.

15/08 Wroclaw (PL) // SECRET SHOW
19/08 Krakow (PL)  // SECRET SHOW
24/08 Potsdam (DE) // OLGA
31/08 Berlin (DE) // OFEN BAR w/ Brea Robertson
03/09 The Hague (NL) // O’CASEYS
04/09 Deflt (NL) // DE WAAG
10/09 Mystery (BE) //  FAMILIAR FOREST FESTIVAL w/ Daniel Tourgeman
13/09 Leipzig (DE) //  ELSTERATIG
17/09 Berlin (DE) // SECRET SHOW
24/09 Karlsruhe (DE) // MAPA
30/09 Milan (IT) // SECRET SHOW
14/10 Nuremberg (DE) // SHAMROCK
15/10 Nuremberg (DE) // SHAMROCK

Update 13/08 added Leipzig show (13/09)
Update 10/08 added another Berlin show (31/08)
Update 08/08 added another Berlin show (21/08)

There are more coming and I will update this page as they are finalised.

tour dates2


Secondly, here is my first video for a long time. This one is an original called Melt. 

For the video some friends and I started a collective project called OneTake Acoustic which is all about recording one take of live acoustic music in a uniquely acoustic space. We recorded Melt as well as a song by Inbal Gordan for the first session, but look out for plenty more to come, we will be recording them and receiving recordings from musicians all over the planet.


More tour dates and some studio tracks to come..




Back in New Zealand, Recording, plans…

So I arrived safely back in NZ via Tokyo just in time to swap the Berlin winter for a Christchurch spring. Things are a lot quieter here…

I spent time in Holland with some friends and played a few shows as well as writing a new tune and a chorus for an older track.
The Germany tour with Joseph and Maia was incredible, we played some beautifully intimate shows, met plenty of new friends both on the street and in the venues and discovered a bunch of places throughout Germany. My friend Royce and I then moved on south through Austria to Croatia which was gorgeous and serene.

Some freshly recorded tracks from the new project are now currently in post production. We are looking at filming a video for one of the songs here in NZ.

I’m now back into writing mode for the Berlin project and for NZ based project Voice. The quietness of Christchurch is actually quite refreshing. Some pictures from the past few months¬†below..


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