Update 2020

Kia ora,

You’ve probably landed on this site via a search for my name or perhaps you encountered me during my singer-songwriter phase. Here’s what has happened in the past few years.

– My focus for original music is now with Beacon Bloom – ethereal, genre-fluid, vocal driven electronic music. This is a project I’ve been trying to realise for years now, and I’m very satisfied with our successes so far. Check it out on youtube spotify soundcloud

– In 2017 I started a podcast which as of this post has 50 episodes. Topics covered include consciousness, psychology, economics, space travel, psychedelics, meme theory, music, sexuality & buddhism with experts from Harvard, Stanford & Oxford, politicians, musicians, scientists, writers and mavericks. Check it out here or search The Good Timeline on your favourite podcast platform.

– I still do acoustic gigs weddings, events etc. If you’d like to book me you can contact me here

If you’d like to contact me for any other reason get me at thegoodtimeline at gmail dot com

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