European Tour 2016 and New Video

I’m very excited to announce the first dates of my 2016 European Tour.

15/08 Wroclaw (PL) // SECRET SHOW
19/08 Krakow (PL)  // SECRET SHOW
24/08 Potsdam (DE) // OLGA
31/08 Berlin (DE) // OFEN BAR w/ Brea Robertson
03/09 The Hague (NL) // O’CASEYS
04/09 Deflt (NL) // DE WAAG
10/09 Mystery (BE) //  FAMILIAR FOREST FESTIVAL w/ Daniel Tourgeman
13/09 Leipzig (DE) //  ELSTERATIG
17/09 Berlin (DE) // SECRET SHOW
24/09 Karlsruhe (DE) // MAPA
30/09 Milan (IT) // SECRET SHOW
14/10 Nuremberg (DE) // SHAMROCK
15/10 Nuremberg (DE) // SHAMROCK

Update 13/08 added Leipzig show (13/09)
Update 10/08 added another Berlin show (31/08)
Update 08/08 added another Berlin show (21/08)

There are more coming and I will update this page as they are finalised.

tour dates2


Secondly, here is my first video for a long time. This one is an original called Melt. 

For the video some friends and I started a collective project called OneTake Acoustic which is all about recording one take of live acoustic music in a uniquely acoustic space. We recorded Melt as well as a song by Inbal Gordan for the first session, but look out for plenty more to come, we will be recording them and receiving recordings from musicians all over the planet.


More tour dates and some studio tracks to come..




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