Back in New Zealand, Recording, plans…

So I arrived safely back in NZ via Tokyo just in time to swap the Berlin winter for a Christchurch spring. Things are a lot quieter here…

I spent time in Holland with some friends and played a few shows as well as writing a new tune and a chorus for an older track.
The Germany tour with Joseph and Maia was incredible, we played some beautifully intimate shows, met plenty of new friends both on the street and in the venues and discovered a bunch of places throughout Germany. My friend Royce and I then moved on south through Austria to Croatia which was gorgeous and serene.

Some freshly recorded tracks from the new project are now currently in post production. We are looking at filming a video for one of the songs here in NZ.

I’m now back into writing mode for the Berlin project and for NZ based project Voice. The quietness of Christchurch is actually quite refreshing. Some pictures from the past few months below..


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2 thoughts on “Back in New Zealand, Recording, plans…

  1. hello Ryan, just discovered your song on youtube “waves and circles” from Berlin Sessions.
    What a great powerful raw song coming from the heart!!
    Really love it!!

    Do you have any more videos on youtube or a you tube channel where you can keep us posted?
    so we can share your music with others on the web 🙂

    Next time you hit the EU, come and have some good beers with us in Belgium. 🙂
    We’ll show you around 🙂
    Take care and keep going, you’re on the right track 🙂


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