October Update

I have now been back in New Zealand for a month, catching up with family, friends, tying up loose ends etc etc!

No new material to share (yet!) but I have been busy.  My good friends in No Broadcast (powerful sonic rock) invited me to tour with them around the North Island of New Zealand, which was an absolute blast. I opened for them on around half of the shows and it was brilliant to visit some new cities and regions of NZ that I hadn’t seen before. Did some more writing for a new potential Ships and Satellites track with Josh and Chris.  Some photos of the tour are below, thanks to Fabien Brooke for the amazing shots! (all rights belong to him).

Other than the tour I have been finishing up the Motions and Memories project covers and writing for my new project.

Back to the long, frigid Berlin winter in 1 month.  Time to stock up on merino thermals!

– Ryan


15453062197_fbac1a3fc0_z 15639892322_d1af6a27bb_z 15639061775_6e1ff12391_z 15453019647_ae253ea911_z 15639813192_c94655d15b_z 15639814812_5af47c7609_z 15639817012_e5fd3af46a_z 15638985285_79e51e009f_z 15595214646_7d04e22bc5_z 15616227751_117efbc028_z 15432758168_ca9e39c9b7_z 15618881955_b75ec59a83_z 15595182986_18380012a1_z

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