Update August/September

Plenty, as usual, has happened since the last update.  My bandmate from Voice, Michael, arrived unexpectedly in Berlin and stayed with me for a little over a week, allowing new plans and goals to be drawn up for the project, as well as discussions for the band potentially moving over here to Berlin. And a small amount of partying of course…

The New Beans have been practicing hard for to play at the upcoming One Spark Festival, a live crowd-funding event which takes place this Saturday here in Berlin. More details are here, it’s looking to be a really interesting and exciting day and tickets are FREE.

Writing continues on my new project, some of the samples were in an earlier post but more updates to come on that as it emerges…

Finally at the end of this month I return to New Zealand for 8 weeks to see friends and family and continue work on musical projects before I return to the great cold of a Berlin December.


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