Vocal Recording, New Song, Berlin sessions…

These past weeks have been very busy.  I recorded vocals for a new electronic project at the end of last week, which I will be posting about soon…

My rock band with Michael Koefman in New Zealand, Voice, have put up one of our tracks from our debut album on soundcloud.  Czech it out here

On Monday I recorded guitar and vocals for a cover of London Grammars “Strong”.  Expect it up on soundcloud in the next day or two!

This week, my friend and fellow musician Paul (from NZ) hung with me in Berlin.  We jammed together, wrote a song and were videoed by the outstanding lads from Berlin Sessions, with Paul on guitar and vocals, and me on cajon and vocals.  The video should be up on youtube within the next month.  To get a taste of what our video might look like, check out what they do below

More updates to come!


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